Depression - Therapist Lisa Kruman West BloomfieldWe can experience loss in many ways. Death and divorce are two common losses that involve a grieving process. However, there are other losses that include changes in relationships with friends or family, loss of a job, a break-up or a move.

Any of these losses can cause significant emotional pain. We often need to learn how to navigate life differently and find strength in ourselves to move forward in a healthy way. In any circumstance that involves grief, you may find that you have symptoms such as sadness, uncertainty, change in sleeping and eating patterns, difficulty concentrating, or difficulty adjusting to the loss or changes in your life.

Therapist in West Bloomfield MichiganGrief is a process we need to go through as we learn to cope with the loss.

By talking about your feelings and the loss you have experienced, you can learn to handle grief and bereavement in a healthy way. Counseling will provide you with support to cope with your grief and help you to feel better. You will begin to feel strength in yourself. You can learn to find happiness again in your life, even with a loss.

Please contact me so that we can discuss how counseling can be helpful to you.